… or I gugel it!

People, who know me well; recognize very quickly that I am a chocoholic. In my shopping basket you will find Kinder at any time, I would never say “No” to a chocolate cake and when you ask for hot chocolate, too, I will be in my personal chocolate heaven…So it’s no wonder that I gave the Chocolate-Fudge recipe of the Lecker Bakery Magazine a try.

Espresso Choco Fudge


200g dark chocolate

100g milk chocolate

400g sweetened condensed milk

1EL soluble espresso powder


At first you need to chop both kinds of chocolate. Then you heat the chocolate slowly with the condensed milk and the espresso powder until melted. Fill the crème into a freezer bag and cut out a hole in one corner to fill it into the form. The fudge cools down for at least 8 hours.

Alles Liebe,


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