Orange Bundt cake…

…or thanks for being there for me.

Actually I’m not sure whether I like Valentine’s day or not. On one site I think the day is a bit overrated. Why should I think about the people I love just on this one day of the year? Are the flowers more beautiful on this day? Are the sweet treats sweeter than on the other days? Is the food in the restaurants better than everyday else?

On the other hand, I’ m really loving it to surprise people. Usually I know weeks before Christmas/ Birthday/Easter what I want to give as a present and how to package it. It’s because I really like to say: ”Thank you for being there” with the help of a present. Isn’t it what Valentine’s Day is all about?  My heart says yes, so I’m backing a cake, packaging the cake nicely and will give it to all the people I love…

Orangengugelhupf mit Buttermilchherzen


Red velvet hearts

2 egg white

1TL Vanilla extract

Red food coloring (z. Christmas Red von Sugarflair)

100g flour

100g sugar

1 ½ TL baking powder

1TL kakao

30ml sunflower oel

27g butter

60ml Buttermilk


Prepare a brownie pan and heat up the oven up to 180°C. Whisk the egg white stiff. Carefully mix it with the Vanilla extract and the food coloring. Flour, sugar, baking powder and kakao are well mixed in a second bowl. Use a third bowl to mix sunflower oel, butter and buttermilk (all room temperature). Now you add the Oel-mixture to the flour. At last you gentely fold the beaten egg white to the mixture. Spread it into the pan and bake it 25 Min. It need to cool down very well. Now you need biscuit cutter of your choice and cut the biscuit until no space is left.

Orange Bundt cake Ø 18cm

225g butter (room temperature)

225g sugar

4 eggs

400g flour

1 package baking powder

300ml  Orangejuice


At first geese your Gugelhupf-pan and powder it with some flour. Rasp the peel of the orange and then squeeze out all the juice. Beat the butter and sugar creamy. Crack the eggs sepertly into the pan. Mix flour and baking powder and strain them into your egg cream. At last the peel and juice of the orange were given into the mixture.

The next step is a bit tricky…Fill some of the dough into you pan then put the cut red velvet figure, you chose, very strait on top of the dough. Now you carefully add the rest of the dough on top of the cutouts. Bake everything for 40 Min at 180°C.

If you need other inspiration you can have look *hier und *hier

With Love,



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